About Us

The Noisy Water Review is an annual anthology of outstanding student writing and art at Whatcom Community College. It showcases the best academic and creative work done by students at the college and provides them an opportunity to publish and get their work seen.

  • For artwork, we publish a wide variety of mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, digital art, animations, and multimedia.
  • For writing, we accept poetry and fiction as well as academic essays from all disciplines on campus, whether it is an analytical essay, a lab report, a book review, an art critique, a personal or research essay, or even a computer program.
  • For music, we are happy to consider work done both for classes here at the college or music you have produced on your own.

If you have a question about The Noisy Water Review or want to know more about the journal, you can contact the editors:

Art editor:  noisywater@whatcom.ctc.edu

Music editor:  Melanie Sehman, msehman@whatcom.ctc.edu

Writing Editor: Joanna Kenyon, jkenyon@whatcom.ctc.edu