2008-09 Gathering of Voices

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On Migration and Sleepwear | by Wajeha Arshad

“The first time I saw my neighbor outside her house wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt, I thought she was just out to pick up her newspaper.”

I Write | by Rachel Elizabeth Brown

“Outsider. Left out. Not welcome. Like black people, Hispanic people, poor people. Lepers.  That girl from Greece that annoys me in sixth grade by saying things like ‘ in my country…’ ”

Connor Freeflow | by Tal Connor

Flash animation


The Rise of Change: Observational Analysis of Samsung F300 in Mass Media | by Yunjung Katie Baek, Bryan Beard, Amber Icay and John Drayer

“The purpose of this study is to examine the commercial ad for the Samsung Ultra Music F300 starring singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.”

Phantasm: The Illusory Nature of the Gothic Genre | by Diane Chapman

“In its original trailer, the theme of Don Coscarelli’s 1978 film Phantasm is posed in a series of questions: ‘Phantasm. Is it a nightmare? …is it an illusion? …is it an evil? …is it a fantasy? … Is it alive?’ ”

Marijuana and Academic Achievement: A Case Study
| by Marta Unterschute

“Marijuana, central to some of the most controversial issues of the 21st century, has been highly debated for years. Thousands of studies regarding the drug have been conducted with most leading to insufficient evidence.”

Vending Machine | by Hung Nguyen

“The man put a coin into a machine and pressed some buttons, and a can of coca cola rolled out for everyone. That was a show at the fair nine years ago in my country, Vietnam.”

Partners in Learning – Margaret Cooper and Ozzie | by Carol Hogan

“Do you know Ozzie Cooper—a stand-out at Whatcom Community College? Maybe you’ve passed him in a crowded hallway walking with his best friend, Margaret Cooper, from class to class.”

Is Lying an Ethical Alternative to Self-disclosure? | by Michael Handron

“My objective for this paper is to truthfully and objectively answer the question ‘Is lying an ethical alternative to self-disclosure’ by sharing my thoughts, opinions and insights drawn from my own life experiences and learnings from this class.”

The Fantastic and Horrifying World of Neil Gaiman | by Laurel Harris

“There are some people in the world who are quite happy to go about their day never wondering about the possibilities of ‘what if?’ ”

Malicious McNuggets: How the Modern Chicken Industry is McDonaldized
| by Francis Sauter

“In any modern-day supermarket, you’ll find manufactured chicken in all shapes and sizes. Diced and sliced, canned and whole, chicken is filling a growing demand as customers shift away from red meats.”

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