2008-09 Gathering of Voices

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On Migration and Sleepwear | by Wajeha Arshad

“The first time I saw my neighbor outside her house wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt, I thought she was just out to pick up her newspaper.”

I Write | by Rachel Elizabeth Brown

“Outsider. Left out. Not welcome. Like black people, Hispanic people, poor people. Lepers.  That girl from Greece that annoys me in sixth grade by saying things like ‘ in my country…’ ”

Connor Freeflow | by Tal Connor

Flash animation


The Rise of Change: Observational Analysis of Samsung F300 in Mass Media | by Yunjung Katie Baek, Bryan Beard, Amber Icay and John Drayer

“The purpose of this study is to examine the commercial ad for the Samsung Ultra Music F300 starring singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.”

Phantasm: The Illusory Nature of the Gothic Genre | by Diane Chapman

“In its original trailer, the theme of Don Coscarelli’s 1978 film Phantasm is posed in a series of questions: ‘Phantasm. Is it a nightmare? …is it an illusion? …is it an evil? …is it a fantasy? … Is it alive?’ ”

Vending Machine | by Hung Nguyen

“The man put a coin into a machine and pressed some buttons, and a can of coca cola rolled out for everyone. That was a show at the fair nine years ago in my country, Vietnam.”

Partners in Learning – Margaret Cooper and Ozzie | by Carol Hogan

“Do you know Ozzie Cooper—a stand-out at Whatcom Community College? Maybe you’ve passed him in a crowded hallway walking with his best friend, Margaret Cooper, from class to class.”

Is Lying an Ethical Alternative to Self-disclosure? | by Michael Handron

“My objective for this paper is to truthfully and objectively answer the question ‘Is lying an ethical alternative to self-disclosure’ by sharing my thoughts, opinions and insights drawn from my own life experiences and learnings from this class.”

The Fantastic and Horrifying World of Neil Gaiman | by Laurel Harris

“There are some people in the world who are quite happy to go about their day never wondering about the possibilities of ‘what if?’ ”

Malicious McNuggets: How the Modern Chicken Industry is McDonaldized
| by Francis Sauter

“In any modern-day supermarket, you’ll find manufactured chicken in all shapes and sizes. Diced and sliced, canned and whole, chicken is filling a growing demand as customers shift away from red meats.”

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