Noisy Water Review

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Chicken Little: Juxtaposing My Feathered Friends in the Style of
Susan Griffin | by Francis Sauter

“I am one of 10 billion chicks hatched in the U.S. annually. One in every five poultry workers is injured on the job.”

So, So Small | by Ray Arani

“You are sleeping on the bed and…I’m going through your laundry…”

Analysis of Schick-Wilkinson Sword Commercial: Did They Just Say What I Think They Did? | by Melisa Nelson and Brent Maier

“This study seeks to investigate the contrast in European and U.S. markets for the Schick-Wilkinson Sword Company, which influenced the production of the JWT New York Agency’s “Mow the Lawn” commercial.”

Elegy | by Cheyenne Black

“Yeah, hi everyone. Thanks for coming. Ha! Like it's a party, or I have a right to thank you for coming. Jack would hate that. Did you all taste the cheese sandwiches? I brought them for Jack.”

More than Child’s Play | by Semilla Sanchez

“As a culture we tend to discount play as a resource beyond the ages of childhood, and yet play is often how we navigate any new experience.”

The Tempest | by Elizabeth Thomas

Musical composition

The Playwright | by Brandon Boatman

“WRITER  Just kiss him!  FEMALE  Ugh! Why? He hasn’t done anything to earn it!”

The Damsel | by Madeleine Easton

“I am eight or so. We live in a pretty, historic neighborhood, nine blocks from my elementary school, at the corner of two dead-end streets.”

Laughter | by Claire Cancilla

“The laugh began at the front of the theatre. It started with the guffaw of one man. The laugh knew this was all it would take. It had targeted this man, knowing that he would be easy to overtake.”

Infinity in “Meshes of the Afternoon” | by Diane Chapman

“Trying to fully understand the world and an individual’s place in it is the most confusing and convoluted journey to embark upon. In Maya Deren’s 1943 experimental film “Meshes of the Afternoon,” the filmmaker aims to take the audience on this journey…”

Selection from Army Memories | by Heather Johnson

“In many ways we were like college students: we lived in dorms (barracks), we went to classes (training), and we were young, ranging from 18 to mid 20’s.”

A Language Not My Own | by Jaymie Wakefield

“I was excited to sign up for this honors class on applying a Buddhist view to literature. I never remembered the full title of the class and when asked by friends what the class might be about I honestly had not a clue.”

Cough | by Andrew Oppliger

“Life falls from a high porch perch,…brown balled sparrows plummet…”

Advertising Perfection to the Masses: Analysis of Old Spice’s Questions?
| by Brandon Boatman

“Taking a look at Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” ad campaign and focusing on the commercial entitled Questions?, information and explanations are sought to discern the appeal and widespread success of the ads.”

Stalk-Raving Mad | by Jeff Thompson

“Once upon an August seventeenth, twenty ten…”

On Fascism and Fairy Tales: An Analysis of Pan’s Labyrinth
| by Ethan Smith

To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness.

Maniac | by Elizabeth Wykes

“‘Baldy, baldy, bald eagle!’ …I am in my grammar class, and I am thirteen years old. Because of alphabetical seating, I am forced to sit in the front of the class.”

Enlightenment | by Elizabeth Wykes

“ 'Mind if I have a smoke?' you ask, already exhaling a thick fog out of your magenta lips. Of course not, I think to myself. I am envious of your freedoms…”

Co-op 190 Job Journal | by Will Middlebrooks

“I’m back to school now here at Whatcom Communtity College in part because I never really was good at school, or even a real student for that matter.”

Colorblind or Blinded by Color | by Angela O’Brien

“Let’s play a describing game. Imagine you were trying to describe what a tree looks like to a child. What is the first word you would use to describe it?”

blood moon tango | by Anjolie York

“he walked up…and offered his hand with a crook of an eyebrow…”

something like hard candy | by Anjolie York

“i curve around…to valleystrewnmonuments…breathing into yourskin…”

The Power of Persuasion: How Does it Influence Your spending?
(In-Class Essay) | by Lora Stoeckl

“Brainwashing is often thought of as something that happens only in Sci-Fi movies, yet it is happening all around us in the form of commercials and mass media advertising.”

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