Noisy Water Review

So, So Small

Ray Arani

You are sleeping on the bed and

I’m going through your laundry

I fold each item carefully;

Onesies, sleepers, overalls, tiny socks

Until I find something you’ve grown out of


And my breath trips on its way out

as I realize that our time is slipping through my fingers

like water

and I watched a movie last night when I could’ve watched you sleep

and suddenly

I want to hold that blue outfit you wore home

from the birthing center

You were so, so small you were just swimming in it


Your stirring on the bed

I drop the too small outfit in the “give away” pile

and move to rub your back

But you are hungry so I curl up next to you

clothes forgotten

and I remember that your still need me

and against my chest,

your knees pressing against my stomach,

you seem so, so small


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