Noisy Water Review


Andrew Oppliger

Life falls from a high porch perch,

brown balled sparrows plummet

to the cold concrete near my feet


by upper respiratory carcinoma


in sunlight

running blissfully

treading the silver chain-linked border between industry

and a creek which softly speaks words from upstream,

occasional fish float by effortlessly,

frogs croak in chaotic harmony

with migrating mallards splash-landing for a break from flying,

water hymned in by humming monuments

-warehouse A/C, perhaps?-

of economics and the American Dream

a hundred yard sliver on the rough concrete skin of a city

where birds chirp cheerfully


in darkness

stumbling aimlessly through the sanctuary

consumed by the cacophony

of progress and productive citizenship,

night amplifies the hums cooling absent bodies

while trucks’ engines roar on the road fueled by money

trading circadian cycles for cash as tires rip over pavement,

stomping carelessly as thoughts of jobs, citizenship, rent,

friendship, that weird rash, transgendered fish, tomorrow’s dinner,

fixing the car, final exams, unemployment rates… 

all infect an overwhelmed mind


Click for benzene fire as fish float belly up

Sizzling pollutants mute a meandering stream

Exhale next to a chirping corpse of carcinoma

Cough harmoniously with wheezing frogs and




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