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Becoming the Animal at the Dog Park | by Dylan Forest

“The word civilized carries two distinct meanings that are commonly conflated with each other. One is simply of or related to a civilization, which, anthropologically defined, is a largely populated city that is socially stratified, has a central authority, and where labor is diversified.”

Untitled | by Thao Nguyen


hwy 57 | by Austin Giles

“summer in the woods…without a bed of my own…”

Choked With Emotion: The Depreciation of Fact-Based Discourse in American Politics | by Matthias Hofer

“Since my exchange year at Sehome High School in 2007, I have been interested in U.S. politics as well as the related occurrences and achievements. Having grown dear to my heart, the fate of America and her people have become important to me…”

Living the New American Nightmare: What it's Really Like to be BIG when You're Little | by Susan Youngman

“Laughlin, Nevada, home of the Colorado Belle Casino. Dad loves to gamble. Mom likes to get out of the house. Being 10 years old I’m crazy for casinos too.”

The Dimly-Lit Road | by Mark Lawrence

“At Sunday school we received little wooden coins called shekels after reciting memorized bible verses.  I had no idea what the verses meant, I doubt any of the kids did.  We just wanted those shekels.  We had to have them.”

I Do...Or Do I? | by Carmen Green

“The pure aroma of honeysuckle and pale yellow rose petals mingles with the warm California air, and the love inspired ambiance becomes infused with a sweet perfume.”

The New Faces of Feminism: A Rhetorical Analysis of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video | by Melisa Nelson, Ashley Gorter, Tiffany Peterson, Casey Cassinelli, and Yuki Wang

“On March 11th, 2010, through Vevo and the E! Network, Lady Gaga released the music video for her single “Telephone,” from her 2009 E.P. “The Fame Monster.”

Under The Madrones | by Katrina Kappele

“We sit under the madrone trees…Watching…”

McFarming: The McDonaldization of Dairies | by Jan Wolfisberg

“Imagine that you are hiking through a remote area of Colorado. The area is beautiful, a mostly dry grassland with mountains far off in the distance. You notice large swaths of green land to your right, all well-irrigated by ditches and pipelines.”

Blueprints of the Moon | by Lydia Taron

“They looked at us like it was obvious. All of them. As if how we appeared on the outside truly dug into the root of our intentions, playing out in our nervous language.”

| by Austin Giles

“To the endless cigarette, to coffee, to apples and bananas and cans of sliced pears…”

The Star | by Lydia Taron

Watercolor and marker

Not-That: The Need for a New Beginning | by Anjolie York

“'In the beginning…' the story goes. From here the tone is set and the pieces of the tale fall into place. Our early stories, what we now call myths, told us of our place in the world and gave us meaning for our existence.”

Mexican American Youth and the Rising Incidence of Obesity
| by Michael Cahill

“In recent months the United States (US) media and government have concentrated its efforts on educating the public about H1N1 and its deleterious effects on young children; however a greater threat to the health of children continues to loom over the US: pediatric obesity.”

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