Noisy Water Review

hwy 57

Austin Giles

summer in the woods
without a bed of my own
summer with a slow brain
summer in isolation
in exclusion
in exile
surrounded by strangers
employed by friends
with pressed in soft spots
on their skulls
summer on my knees
in jeans and long sleeves
pulling up weeds
summer walking by dogs
with a hairless gene
on all fours
wet and smiling under their schnozes
about sex
dogs with a hairless gene
but I beg
and I beg
and I beg
summer without a beard
without a motorcycle
without a rat
electrocuted on pills
and filled with syrup
summer with screw guns
and black denim
with gold buttons
and no mirror
and absolutely no money
but sweat in my eyes
from working
and every other moment in between
filled with music
summer in blue houses
with flooding refrigerators
and microwaves
that cannot be washed out
summer in brothels
with wooden walls and ceilings
summer in strangers lakeside bungalows
and mansions
summer electrocuted on pills
with two hours until you peak
and two hours until you crash
summer with dog piss on my back
summer circling a girl

that mixes her own perfume
and smells like everything
from my childhood that i didn’t believe
would ever last
but my summer
with throw up
dried to most of the clothes
in my dirty pile
summer with disease
that cannot be explained
summer briefly in love with California
with machines that shake the earth
and art galleries in San Francisco
summer in love with cartons of cigarettes
in the trunk of my car
summer waiting on one girl
far away to save me
from everything
summer at a table
with dentures
and pregnancy
and me in black denim
and tank tops
covered in saw dust, dirt and garbage
and plenty of time to sneak away
and smoke cigarettes on eight dollars an hour
summer reading two pages of the same summer book
summer slipping away from the same summer girls
summer with all the ones that want me
holding me down to put lip-stick on my face
summer as the devil
summer as the weird one
summer as the unmatched
unreachable broken hearted fool
summer running home
summer in parking lots
wasted and starving
and filled with smoke
summer burning out my eyes
summer burning out my lungs
summer burning out my heart

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