Noisy Water Review


Austin Giles

To the endless cigarette, to coffee, to apples and bananas and cans of sliced pears

to Loudon, to Billy, to James, to Richie, to Loaf, to Bob, to Mckuen and the Sebastian strings

to the dry garden and the empty fruit, to gambling genes, to innocence and loss

to Pontiac, to the village, to the will, to the heart, to the coming of age folk miracle

through fiber flickered walls on top glass floors over bottomless oven fire inside planet earth, the Egyptian brain in print, on screen, under Christmas alter

too soft, too dumb, too slow, too quick, too weak, too concerned

to aging into paradise, the sun blanket bandanna fitted over skeletal finger gouged eyes of the accused, naked hides pinned in tile grout, the final female buttocks communion of the porn eroded mind’s forked teeth

to hypothermia, to niacin, to the sweat of feet, palm, forehead, thermal covered, suffocated, meaty, drawn crotches

to shades of Moana passing on cross country backseats, soaking blood-rings on pleather aphrodisiac, melting snowflakes from the sunroof in between black thighs

re-born in the mid-west, dust-tornado twisted spine, reed breathing outlaws under the docks and boots of lizard police

to waking up in the afternoon, to the dirt grown temptress, to rolled away lip exposed donkey teeth and tail

to the newsroom and the editor’s fan club, to collapsing the throat of the house fire serpent, the invincible, robotic, paid-off revenant

to ceramic bulls, to the black synthetic rose in the mirror, to red lamp shade, to blue pine desk, to the thrift store organ and the country guitar

to the snout busted skull, alive in the black-hole, spitting yellow molars behind rat-cage window bars

to the karaoke machine, to the day dreaming fox, to the antique bolt action toy rifle on the wall

to the possessed wanderer whose demons escaped from their pop-corn kernel cage where he kept them in his chest

to radiance and radiation, to bleach stirred into the backyard swimming pool cocktail

to shame, to regret, to indecision, to certainty, to neglect, to divine right, praise and purpose

to the god void and the great divide, time and father’s reality

my surrender (enclosed).



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