Noisy Water Review

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Winter Solstice | by Madison Cooley

“Boats of precious cargo breeze across Bellingham Bay…as I am sitting in the brisk cold of this Northwest winter.”

The Psychosocial Effects of Sickle Cell Disease in the African American Population | by Terri Anderson

“Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a genetic abnormality that deforms the red blood cell into a sickle shape that does not travel easily through the circulatory system. People of African descent are the primary victims of this debilitating disease.”

Kissing | by Laura Hansen

“cedric was the first person I kissed…it was too long ago though and I … barely remember remembering it”

Winning Women in Noir: Independence at Any Price | by Shelly Bernstein

“This writing looks at the roles of the leading female characters in two postmodern noir films, Jackie Brown and The Grifters. In order to understand where the characters fit contextually, four areas are considered here…”

Scrap | by Lucas Nydam

“Come soak with me awhile, my sweet garbage child.…Let the wastes of the flesh turn your head…”


“Like a horse and rider, the piano keys and I galloped briskly along keeping pace with the director and choir. We bumped over obstacles as we sightread a new jazz piece to consider for the next concert, but that's par for the course.”

Daydream for my Grandfather | by Andrew Pine

“In another world this all worked out…World south of this one…”

Finding self-identity with a damaged psyche; the analysis of societies isolated homme psychopath | by Haley Conners

“Throughout the history of film noir, the noir criminal has been a key figure in supplementing film noir’s existentialist theme.”

Buddha | by Harminder Grewal

Acrylic on canvas

All the Time in the World | by Riley Richards

“The cell phone slipped from his fingers, and he was only dimly aware as it tapped him on the thigh before thudding softly to rest on the carpet.”

Homage to Andy Warhol | by Roxanne Rosas

Graphite and colored pencil

Looking for Value Against the Odds: Finding College Success in My Bipolar Life | by Dennis Crisp

“I remember sitting on the comfortable brown couch at the mental health counselor’s office. I listened to her explain all the reasons why college wasn’t ‘a smart choice’ for me.”

Winged | by Erik Wallace

Musical composition

A Champion with no Battle | by Josh Sayler

“'Standing upon a barren field…With the wind breezing through the grass…"

A Rotten Apple? A Rhetorical Analysis of the 2008 MacBook Commercial | by Jessica R. Fletcher, Tiffany R. Holden, Ariana S. Rayment, and Merrick Parnell

“This paper presents a rhetorical analysis of a 2008 commercial produced by Apple, Inc.”

misc romance | by Shellie Stevens

“'From: “K—” <z—>*… To: “Shellie Stevens” <p—>”  

Psychedelic Drugs and Experiences of Personal Meaning and Lasting Insight | by Dylan Forest

“Psychedelic drugs are a category of “consciousness expanding” substances, and for the purposes of this study will include LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, LSA, and any plant containing these compounds.”

Blackface Skepticism | by Diane Tymony

“Good moanin, the earth the sun the sky…It’s a good day to be alive…”

A Fire in the Forest: Ramifications of Oppression, and the Response of the Baha'i Community of Iran | by Aziz Tebyanian

“The letter is in front of me. The friend who emailed it to me this morning was sure that I would appreciate receiving it. Now, I am reading it over and over again.”

An Ambiguous Call | by Taylor Werner

"I can barely breathe.…Each brick beneath my feet hums with the memory of each student, each hopeful soul, crushed to a pulp under the weight of their desire…"


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