Noisy Water Review

Winter Solstice

Madison Cooley

Boats of precious cargo breeze across Bellingham Bay

as I am sitting in the brisk cold of this Northwest winter.

Neither fog nor rain has come today,

just peaks of sunlight in the sky and some refreshing wind.

we live

for days like this one

rain pours down like a habit I have become numb to on most days,

making those with just the smallest amount of Vitamin D more valuable.

Winter causes some form of contemplation among most of us;

we think about the days when the sun lasted late in the night

knowing they aren’t too far away.

Some form of solitude

peers through the ice on my windshield every morning

leaving me plenty of time.


Ducks diving into the brisk ocean water as I anticipate the man-made thunder bellowing from a train in the distance

I stay motionless and watch the train pass, knowing it’s almost dinnertime.

It will get dark soon.

Naked tree branches intertwined with perfectly green ones giving me hope that spring and summer are soon to come.

But not soon enough, I think, as I put my hands to my mouth.

Blowing air into my wool gloves to heat my fingers

I can almost imagine the lush trees filled with sunlight.


A rogue cloud emerges in defiance of the tranquil day surrounding me.

The beaming sun reflects intently against the pale white rocks, forcing me to lower my gaze and smile softly.

Contentment with what surrounds me is rare these days.

Always searching for something more.


Violent white caps thrust themselves onto the broken rocks that make up the shoreline. The water ripples like a wrinkle in my linen dress

as I loose myself in the serenity

that is only found

in the stillness of the open,

Northwest air.

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