Noisy Water Review


Laura Hansen

cedric was the first person I kissed
it was too long ago though and I
barely remember remembering it

then I kissed Emily
we opened our mouths
and when we were in a hot tub together
we both did the same thing

Emily told me that she and Kate
tried to ‘do it’
it didn’t work
but they rubbed together

her house always smelled
kind of sweet and sick to me
and her dad use to sit
in the living room
and watch tv in his briefs

Emily told me that when
Kate and her sister slept over
she would lay between them in bed
and make out with one
then the other

it was easy to kiss Emily
because she liked to kiss
years later I talked to a mutual friend
“Emily was the first person I kissed”
“yeah me too” she said

I tried to kiss my best friend
but she didn’t like to be touched
so one day I told her
to close her eyes and open her mouth

I never kissed my other friends
except in truth or dare
where I had a good excuse
to kiss anyone

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