Noisy Water Review


Lucas Nydam

Come soak with me awhile, my sweet garbage child.
Let the wastes of the flesh turn your head,
and shake your hair, child, so the flies will not nest.
May the liquor rain of neon reflection in the manufactured street
make your skin crawl and burdens bleed.
Compost your thoughts awhile in this sweet garbage pile
and let it all wither wilt away in decomposed timing and grace.
Soil it into soil, as the elements twist and toil,
making fermented equilibrium of the father feeding
the child first, and the child feeding its father last.
I'm the junkman of this place, the dreamcatcher of the wastes,
overseeing city hall, from my trash heap, infinitely deep and tall.
Throwing obscenities from my rasp and knotted throat,
spitting rotten fruit to where garbage goes, not in my home,
but to the feet of the elected environmentalist throne.
Because this is my kingdom, my sweet garbage freedom,
my anarchist fields abiding by the laws of nature, not of old hands.
Sing as the equalizing grounds of a thousand breathing sounds
as the gases are released from the claws of the solid
into the atmosphere, oh, some days, I float away.
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day; making stink of my decay?
Dragging my ratty pant leg down into tenements to drown?
Air conditioning in the windows of factories pumping my sweet perfume
in wholesale clouds, so flowers don't need summer to bloom anymore,
setting them free from pattern in sweet, hands-free anarchy.
Exactly whose air are you conditioning, yours or mine,
to raise my garbage child as his lungs pull it in?
So I hope your new eyes see the world as it sees me,
certainly with a self-designed sense of horrid eccentricity.
But could you see your father as such, the man who
taught you how to touch the heavens and leave a smudge?
I guess we'll have to see, my sweet garbage soliloquy,
and by 'we' I don't mean 'me' because you see,
I'll be long, gone, gone, destroyed by the very thing I was
to society, and I'll become another bottle in the pond,
oh, some days, I float away.

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