Noisy Water Review

A Champion with no Battle

Josh Sayler

Standing upon a barren field
With the wind breezing through the grass
He stands alone with sword and shield in hand
Listening for the battlecry of an enemy charging
Smelling the tang of iron on the bloodied wind
The clang of weapons clashing in battle
Echoing cries of pain rising in his ears
Raising his sword up to glint in the sun
Pivoting on his heels in a downward slash
Parrying an axe blow to the side with his shield
Blood dripping off his chin from a cut lip
Sweat blinding his eyes from seeing
He bellows a challenge to all his foes
All eyes upon him as he makes a charge
Crashing through the line of spears
Leaping over a phalanx of shields
Locking eyes with their general
The crowd circles around in anticipation
A duel to the death eye to eye.
Feinting with a rapier strike countered by a backhanded slash
Devastating cleave easily dodged
Piercing agony between the ribs
A blow under the shield through the mail
Wounded he lay on the ground exhausted
Darkness closing in around his view
The cold night clinging to his skin
Then a bright light appears
Reaching up towards its brilliance
The morning sun rising
Cool wind rustling through the fields
Far away echoes of long dead shouts
Cries of pain fading away
Standing once again alone
In an empty field with no battle.

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