Noisy Water Review

Blackface Skepticism

Diane Tymony

Good moanin, the earth the sun the sky
It’s a good day to be alive
We have the wisdom carved from her core
Rings in our ears, rings in our souls
My father gave me all these seeds to sow
My mother showed me how these would grow
My brother made me hold my head up high
My sister held the words when I would cry
We sit on giant, molten spectacles
My mountain's stirring like a wrecking ball
I traded my life for a golden bow
Knocked down the stars that line across the wall
Tick tock, dismantle this distant day
Lie back and watch, attempt to comprehend
Realize that you got all that you need
I have the key inside the straw casing
Sit sit, and let the pressure stick
My my, the sky looks bright tonight
Distract us with Anglo-Saxon words
Separate us with your white-washed curse
The melody runs through our veins
We clap along with the mighty chorus
Our voices echo out the fire hearth
Try to meet our eyes you little one
We are born of the soil, of the ground
Gripped, stripped, pulled, toiled all around the sound
We laugh at all your blackface stick figures
They boast of a narrow, shallow world.
I taught you all the things I ever knew
Not sure which one that you could ever use
You burst into that cylinder bouquet
Grew all the wings you promise that you would.


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