The Noisy Water Review

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The Devil Does 90 | by Barthalamew Arnold

“It’s bizarre how events unfold…”

Haiti's Garden of Bloom or Gloom? | by Marianne Brudwick

“681 miles southeast from Miami, Florida, the sun sets on a Caribbean island where you would expect to feel the tropical breeze, sand between your toes and your body unwind as the heat of the day dies down. Instead, a Haitian woman vendor puts her few belongings away for the night…”

Math Poetry | by Cornelius Bonhoeffer

“If ∑ = metaphor…And Ф = honesty and emotional truth…”

The Allegory of the Pen | by Katelyn Carlton

“I have just three things to teach…simplicity, patience, compassion…”

Cherishing My Chance to be a Whole Person | by Robert DeCoteau

“I stand in front of my kitchen sink washing the dishes. My six-year-old son is playing with a handful of toys at my feet. In my mind, I am a scholar and a student, a reader and a writer, an academic and a philosopher. In my kitchen, I am a single father with chores.”

A Necessary Medieval | by Elliott Cribbs

“The final decades of the Roman Empire proved fertile ground for the humble (and humbled) beginnings of the Catholic Church and Christian belief but it didn't get any easier from there.”

The Juan de Fuca Plate | by Megan Fortin

“Longstanding and all-knowing, the strata sighs in relief as it has seen the ebb and flow of the tides and of seasons wandering past, it’s very certain nature wrapped up in deep time.”

Anorexia Nervosa: Starvation and Sacrifice of the ‘Self’ |
Jordan Gardner

“Anorexia Nervosa is a complicated psychiatric disorder, for which effective, long-term, treatment has yet to be found, based upon numbers that reflect alarming relapse and mortality rates.”

When Fire Fall Fell | by Amber R. Frick

“The land’s last cry was heard by all.…The ocean boiled, it swirled with a lust to devour…”

In the World Without a Voice: A Disease that Breaks Barriers Between Realities | by Katherine Haveman

“Author David Malouf wrote, 'When I think of my tongue being no longer alive in the mouths of men, a chill goes through me deeper than my own death, since it is the gathered death of all of my kind.'”

Ethnocentric | by Katherine Haveman

“'Sun aloft in sky…yellow amid canvas painted blue…"

Making Films Politically: Depicting Women in Documentary |
Rowan McDowell Thompson

‘There is a need to make films politically as opposed to making political films.’ -Trinh T. Minh-ha

Another Life | by Kara Johnson

“'There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are confronted by their beliefs, or in my case, disbeliefs. Because I spent my childhood in a hospital, I didn’t believe in God. I saw people coming in and out, and sometimes only in.”  

Being Black in Modern America | by Diane Tymony

“It might sound strange, but sometimes I forget that I am black. There are times though, as I move about in the public sphere; say the grocery store, at school, or at some event, I can be hyperaware of it.”

Molds | by Carly Sandberg

“It’s that familiar itching on the shallow skin of your cheek. Or the urge brought on by the hair escaping from the confinement of your ear. You’ve got to run the flat bottom of your front teeth over the grooves of your bottom lip.”

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