The Noisy Water Review

~ Theme and Variations in D Minor ~

Theme in D Minor

Marianne Brudwick, Devin Jansa, Ilona Kolesnikova, Kyle McAllister,
Emily Millious-Gates, Stephanie Neely, Nathan Rasmussen, Sarah Yates

Variation: Canon

Sarah Yates

Variation: The Whatcom Rag

Marianne Brudwick

Theme and Variations in D minor began as a class composition exercise in Music Theory III. Students in this class have been studying the forms and materials of music since fall quarter and this represents their culminating project. After studying theme and variation forms of master composers from Mozart to Stravinsky, the class collaboratively composed the theme for this work. Each student then composed a variation on that theme, retaining some unifying element of the original and varying other elements such as meter (triple meter), texture (canon), mode (major key), harmony, and rhythm. In each of these variations, you will hear the same melody (sometimes fragmented) and the same overall form (a a b a). In addition to composing original work, they rose to the challenge of orchestrating their variations for the instrumentation you hear in this recording, as well as learning and rehearsing them together.

~ Melanie Sehman,
Music Theory III Instructor