The Noisy Water Review

Math Poetry

Cornelius Bonhoeffer

If ∑ = metaphor

And Ф = honesty and emotional truth

What does Ф + ∑ equate to?


Well, let’s think about this

Let’s say we set variable x to (m) meter

Assuming x can contain only iambs we’ll set x = to pentameter

If breve = b then x ÷ b = 2

2 is the exact number of breve and ictus in an iamb


Iamb is congruent to metrical foot

Metrical foot is a factor of prosody

Prosody ÷ (rhythm x the initiation of speech) = stress, stress ≠ breve

Stress is what I feel when writing a sonnet

Sonnets can either be English or Italian

And there are ~ 25000 cognates between the two languages which we’ll set equal to c

If Ł = the number of lines in a sonnet and θ = the degree to which I hate sonnets


Then c ÷ Ł^θ = 9.11 (can you solve for θ?)

9.11 is either a number I call in case of emergency or the date of a national tragedy

That last line is called a volta which = a dramatic shift in thought

As a dramatic shift in thought → rhetorical structure the poem will start to contradict itself

The rhyme scheme of this poem so far is AxC BAACD EFBEDFE xFxx where x = no rhyme at all

But that contradicts the fact that x already = meter which = rhetorical structure

Sense every stanza in this poem is an odd prime number of lines long

And cicadas only breed every prime number of years to protect themselves from migratory predators

And this poem is hidden in a metaphor to protect itself from critical predators

And Ф is represented by math which is equal to metaphor ∑

And since poetry is dictated and controlled in most cases by its Ф

Than ∑ + Ф can only equal one thing

Controlling metaphor

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